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Currently, everything is based on high-tech, and people are endlessly looking to take the benefits of technological advancements. Parents and guardians categorize the safety of their beloved kids as priority number one. It’s therefore essential to take in some specific procedures on precaution measures to fasten this safety in our children’s playgrounds.

Consider Rubber Turf Safety Surfacing to install a safety surface that offers safety solutions. They have numerous products which are practical and designed efficiently. Their playground safety surfacing comes with a diverse variety of colors and shapes. Here are some of the rubber materials that are used in installing a safe playground.

Rubber Turf Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Molded play tiles come in with a variety of outdoor and indoor applications and installations. Apart from installing a safe playground at home, schools and hospitals can also be used in gyms, patios, and changing rooms. This makes it very economical as it can be used in a variety of ways. They look quite natural, and the maintenance cost is undoubtedly low. They are resistant to water, making them be easily cleaned without using any adverse chemicals. They come in two types: Old truck tires and the EPDM rubber, which is more durable and offers a wide assortment of colors.

Rubber sphere is in parks and gardens and can be used in decorating your Playground Safety Surfacing.  They are extracted from granulated rubber and come in different sizes. When opting to decorate your playground using this product, you can choose from ten colors. This will provide a colorful facility which the children will like. Children tend to associate themselves with colors, and they are much impressed with bright colors. They will fall in love with the playground, and they will always want to play. They are easy to install as they are just decorative and are cost-friendly.

Poured-in-place rubber is made of high-density shredding rubber material. It is incredibly safe as it comprises the complete surface base to be used when constructing a safety surface playground. The base forms a cushion where it absorbs an impact when children are playing. The surface minimizes injuries and makes the accident to be not as fatal as compared to ordinary playgrounds. Another significant benefit of the product is that it is resistant to weather elements, making it durable. Being resistant to water makes it easier for you to clean it occasionally using just water. Reach out to Rubber Turf Safety Surfacing for high-quality services.

Most injuries caused in the playgrounds are because of kids falling on a hard surface. Sometimes, the surface has sharp objects or small stones, which can cause serious injuries. It’s the reason one should always inspect the ground along with the playing equipment or swings to ensure proper safety. Playground safety surfacing is a process that can prove to be useful in this case. It’s a process wherein a protective material is placed/installed over the existing surface. The safety surfacing materials are available in different thicknesses offering protection from falls.

Rubber Turf Safety Surfacing is a reliable safety surfacing company that can help you install safety surfacing materials in your playground in no time. We have a good variety of safety surfacing materials that not only protect the kids who fall over the ground but look quite aesthetic too.

What materials are suitable for playground surfacing?

Any material which can offer ample shock absorption, feels soft, is durable, and is easy to maintain is considered a good safety surfacing material. Here are some commonly suited playgrounds surfacing materials we can help you with.  

Rubber Tiles

One of the most reliable safety surfacing materials to ensure playground safety is rubber tiles. Rubber tiles are easy to maintain, offer amazing shock absorption, and are also available in numerous color options. The rubber tiles are easy to install and can be installed in different patterns.

What makes it suitable for school playgrounds is the pre-built games it comes with. You can find hopscotch or leapfrog, which makes it look attractive to kids. The interlocking system prevents the rubber tiles from displacing, which further reduces the chances of tripping on the ground.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is used for but is never limited to professional playing fields. It can also be used for protective purposes in playgrounds. Synthetic feels like real grass and has a layer of rubber underneath, which acts as the protective surface.

Unlike the original grass, synthetic turf requires no mowing, which makes it easy to maintain. Also, it never poses a risk of infections to kids or pets. It’s because there’s no mud which means there are no pesticides or bacteria you need to deal with.

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Why choose Rubber Turf Safety Surfacing

Playground safety surfacing is what our professionals hold expertise in. We have installed safety surfacing materials in community playgrounds, school playgrounds, early childhood playgrounds. We know what thickness is necessary to offer protection to kids falling from tall equipment. Also, we can help you find the right materials which look attractive and appealing for kids to play upon. Our services are affordable, and installation is perfect that lasts for a long. So, you can trust us with playground safety.

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Our company has everything you need to ensure the safety of kids on the playgrounds. We have the best industry safety surfacing experts who’ll help you from the start till the end. We also offer a decent warranty on the materials we use and the services we offer. So, contact us now to book free quotes and get the process started.

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